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Welcome to our website!

We are a new platform thats try to mix all the nice things from cryptocurrencies. This is a selection of what we want to accieve:

Faucetlist, claim fast from legit website's

My favorite faucets, fast selecting of your favorite faucets

Instruction's, how to do something

Tutorials, YouTube video's

And many many more.....

But, we not there yet. We are still in progress to add all those thing to the website, and have a lot of ideas.
Do you like to add someting as well? Or notice any bug? Please let us now in the chat or contact us in a other way. Let's grow together and make this a platform for us all!

Would you like to join our course? Get in contact with us and let's see if you can help us out on the website!

Greetz from Tescim (webmaster) & Dastylo (coördinator)

Website stats:

Currently online: 001

Registered users: 29

Total faucets: 29

Total wallets: 4

Total scam site's: 0

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We still working on make this process automatically

Help us grow?!

New content, tips, bugs, or other wishes for the website? Please tell us by sending us a message.

Web progress...:

Curious where we are working on right now? Check out this link. This is our test website.
Note: Sometimes there will be 20 updates is a hour, and it can be full of bug's

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